Morgan #1: Submit your footage of life in Sapporo for my film project!

My name is Morgan Quaintance. I’m an artist and filmmaker living in London and I need your help to make my latest film.

I was set to fly to Hokkaido to make a documentary about people living in Sapporo, but due to the pandemic I am unable to travel. Because of this I am asking people to help me by shooting footage of life in Sapporo that I can use for my film.

What do I mean by ‘life in Sapporo’? Well it could be a recording of anything: a walk in the park, the early morning mist, a pachinko parlour, the view from your window, a fish market, a conversation with a friend, a train journey, dinner at home or in a restaurant, or whatever is on your television at 9 o’clock at night!

It’s simple for anyone to participate and you don’t need to be a filmmaker or artist to do it. All you need is something that allows you to shoot video footage. You can use a phone, an Ipad, a digital camera, or even an old camcorder.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to seeing your videos!!!

Morgan Quaintance (S-AIR Artist-in-Residence 2020)