Marit #5 Light-hearted.

Light-hearted. I start my process to see the everyday life by taking a walk in the forest. 

At this point I thought my body knew everything. How can I be creative? Do I have to be creative?

I realise while walking that inspiration is already here; in my past, my memories of nature in Japan, what I feel and what I observe around  me.

I feel light now. I am happy to be given the gift of creation, I look forward to dance.

When I draw my pictures I do it without thinking very much. One form turns into a line that becomes a movement.

I draw what I see myself doing in this project. I see my body in new ways. I use movement and drawing as an imagination.

Imagination brings joy. I will enjoy creating this new dance.

*Marit will regularly share her creative process during her online residency.