Marit Shirin Carolasdotter


  • 令和2年度 S-AIR レジデンスプログラム

    Partner Organisation : ヒューマンズ&ソイル (Sweden)

  • 令和3年度 S-AIR レジデンスプログラム

    Partner Organisation : ヒューマンズ&ソイル (Sweden)


Marit-Shirin is a professional dancer and choreographer with indigenous roots from Sápmi (Hotagen, South Sámi) in Sweden and from Kurdistan, Iraq. She is currently based in the northern part of Sweden where she is working as a company dancer, and as a choreographer and project leader for her artistic project, Humans & Soil.

She is currently studying a Master’s Programme in International Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has a Bachelor in Dance Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts (2015), and has studied at the Iceland Academy of the Arts Contemporary Dance Programme in Reykjavík prior.

After her studies she moved to Brussels, Belgium where she worked and took classes for 4 years, and since then she has worked professionally with dance in Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Japan, Finland, Belgium and Spain.
Aside from her dancing, she is also working as a filmmaker, producing dance-oriented films and documentaries. Her short-film ‘IN BETWEEN’ was screened in Bailar Apantalla Dance Film Festival in Mexico 2018, Project V in Denmark, and was received an article and interview in Women Cinemakers Magazine, Berlin Biennale 2018.

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