Marit #6 In Dalarna

During my times walking in the forest, observing nature changing in these troubled times, 
I cannot stop thinking about the fears we are facing with the climate change after the pandemic. There is a fear of meeting people again, but also a fear of the future.I cannot help to think about the heat of the earth.

What happens when the world is so hot that nothing can grow here anymore? What is all that is left is desert, and sand?

I came to think about my kurdish heritage, the people of the sand. The ones who adapt their bodies to the desert landscape. I wanted to know if I carry those feelings inside my body, and spontaneously, a word came to me when I was meditating: “Firebird” or “Bird of Fire”.
A strong symbol in kurdish culture for rebirth. 

I travelled to Dalarna, an area in the middle of Sweden where we have a lot of preserved natural forest. I worked together with Swedish photographer Hanna Rydberg and assistant Ebba Kohl, where we took photographs the other day. I finally find that my gift for dancing is also healing, and we were three women taking pictures together and holding ceremonies together. It was a healing and profound experience. I hope that I can share with you this piece of art, and maybe someone else is inspired – would love to hear from you.さい。